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Prague Poetry

Original poetry written for my Contemporary Culture Class

As an avid writer, I was inspired to write poetry about the different types of contemporary culture found in the Czech Republic. Prague, being the romantic, artsy city it is, was the perfect place to write my poetry. I chose to do two poems each inspired graffiti, Czech poets, and expats. I also wrote a poem in the style of lyrics from the Plastic People of the Universe.

Poem 1 Inspiration

The first poem I wrote was inspired by my favorite piece from our field trip to Tesnov legal graffiti site (see above). At first the beast looks horrifying, but the smiles of the pink people tell a different story. I wanted to unveil the truth behind a misunderstood being.

The second poem is inspired by the many tags all around Prague, on walls, signs, and trams. The article by Vaclav Magid we read said that tagging is a solely sign of mere presence really stuck with me. I wanted to not only bring that presence to life, but comment on the ignorance and corporate sluggishness of society and the true art behind tagging as well.

My third poem was in the style of Pavel Z, someone I truly find inspiration in. I was deeply moved when he came and spoke to the class. He had an air of intelligence and class, but still a heavily creative mind that was clear when he was speaking and reading his poetry. I wanted to include time, something that is present in many of his poems, as well as the darkness and depth that is apparent in his less optimistic poems. However, I also wanted to bring out some of his more positive words about a person he is in love with, or at least fascinated by.

My fourth poem was fun to write in the style of Egon Bondy. His poetry is satiric, funny, and usually about something that people would find disgusting or offensive. After unfortunate encounters I had stepping in dog poop, I decided that Egon Bondy would certainly write about this interaction. I wanted to use the descriptive vocabulary that Bondy uses, but also make it as quirky and gross as he would. I liked his use of the word ‘stupid’ and decided to add it to my poem as well.

My fifth poem was inspired by the lyrics to The Song of the Fafejta Bird About Two Unearthly Worlds by the Plastic People of the Universe. When reading this and thinking about my own poem, I immediately thought of undiscovered planets and creatures, something that is a motif in the Plastic People’s lyrics. I wanted to capture the beauty of another world as well as the violence that is sometimes found in their lyrics.

My sixth poem is entitled Addiction because of the amount of expats that become addicted to everything that Prague has to offer, the people, the culture, and the city. I hoped to put into words the completion that many expats feel when moving to Prague. However, I didn’t want to ignore the fact that homesickness and missing American things are a fact of moving abroad. However, in my seventh poem, I completely ignored that because once you find a balance and everything you love in Prague, it will become a paradise, something that I have certainly found living in such an incredible city.


1. Inspired by the above piece of street art at Tesnov legal graffiti site

Underneath a lonely child’s bed
Lives a horrid nightmare
Her body long, misshapen, grotesque
Eyes longing for the smell that grazes her
Pig snout sitting above toothy fangs
Glazed with warm saliva
Her many legs pad out from her hell
To the sight of GI Joes and Hotwheels
And a small pink body motionless
Eyes wide and sad
Wet with loss
Clutching a picture of a smiling woman
Forgetting her deformed body
Her terrifying form
She tucks her stunted nose
Under a pink arm and leg
Lifting the body onto her back
Small pink hands tighten around her
Two symbiotic beings
Finding comfort and safety
Underneath the bed

2. Inspired by tagging in Prague

the walking dead pass
by in suits
glazed eyes stare
toward corporate meat
morning stiffness
healed by coffee
sucked in
by dry lips
trudging down streets
ignorant of the city
or walls of color
shouting a pledge
signatures of a campaign
from the living
we are here


3. In the style of Pavel Z

hallucinations of time
to be older than we are
closer to finality
to velvet darkness
bones ringing bells
dreams of time
to be older with you
spend my life in velvet love

4. In the style of Egon Bondy

Blue skies above
Brown shit below
My thoughts abuzz
Under my shoes flow
A present of diarrhea
Left by Sophia
My neighbor’s stupid dog.


5. In the style of the Plastic People of the Universe lyrics

Rolling waves of red lava
Crash into the endless red sand bank
Swirling tornadoes of sun and sky
Spray painted stars over her head
She lays under thunderclouds
Black and grey and thick
The sun and moon in constant battle
To overtake the endless heavens

Behind her eyelids lies a green forest
With blue fat raindrops weighing down leaves
Juices drip from plump fruit
As big as the beasts that hunt them
The mossy ground envelops her bare feet
Her naked body burned and peeling

Her eyes snap open
Dust chokes her throat
Giant orange ants gnaw at her bloody skin
Her mouth dry and vocal chords brittle
The Fafejta Bird rips at the insects
Their bodies popping
She smiles at her hero
Closing her eyes again
Floating into utopian space

Expat Culture

6. Addiction

College graduates itching to leave
Chaos of classrooms and politics
Drawn to the unknown
Black hole of culture
Different from their own
Lost artists and intellectuals
Fitting their puzzle pieces into
The Vltava and Wenceslas
Occasionally craving Kraft blue box
But learning to drink their fill of Pilsner
Awed by the city around them
Awed by their home

7. Prahaiku

Can’t speak the language
Happily lost in the town
Paradise in Prague

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