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Prague Days

I’m so happy I stayed in Prague the last two weekends of my semester abroad. I feel like I’ve gone to almost all the museums, attractions, and activities I wanted to experience. Even with all my papers and studying for finals, I made sure to find the time to do what I wanted to do around the city I chose to study in.

First of all, I went to the last few Sparta and Lev hockey games of my time in Prague, and assuming the NHL can’t get their act together, the season as well. Lev finally won the last game we saw, which was incredibly exciting. We beat the team that the former-Cap Semin plays for. At the second to last Sparta game, Heather and I were chosen to be a part of the between-the-periods entertainment. Four guys, Heather and I went underneath the stands near the team locker rooms and were given waivers to sign and kneepads. We were split into teams of three and were given large blowup bubbles to wear. They covered us from the head to thigh. We were supposed to run on the ice and kick a ball into a goal, like soccer, but it ended up that we just ran into each other and knocked each other down. It was a blast though, I laughed the entire time. At the end, we hi-fived all the Sparta players and I told Neuvy he was awesome!

Human bowling?

At the last Sparta game, and last game while I am in Prague, Garrett, Emily and I got tickets in the fan section. It was different than the soccer game. Though people were wild and crazy and had tons of drums and flags, they all seemed more involved in the game and less involved in getting drunk and crazy. Sparta was playing Kladno, the team that Jaromir Jagr, Czech and hockey superstar, owns and plays for. I remember him not being too great when he was on the Caps, but he was in his element and quite the sight to watch. However, Sparta still won the game 6-3 with Neuvy in goal and a hattrick from Hovorka


Fan section

Over the weekend I also went to the modern British Paintings gallery at the Rudolfinium. The gallery was small and featured modern or satirical art by younger artists, mostly paintings or drawings on huge canvases. The Rudolfinium itself had beautiful sculptured ceilings and a massive staircase from a fairytale. We also went to the Museum of Young Art, which I was less impressed with. A couple pieces, such as David Cerny’s work, were spectacular, for example a chained Saddam Hussein in a magician’s escape tank. However, the rest of the museum looked like it was unfinished and we couldn’t tell if some parts were under construction or it was part of the art.

Saddam in Water

I also went to the Franz Kafka museum. I am not a huge Kafka fan, but this small museum certainly did him justice. Rather than just looking at his books and successes, the museum was able to give the audience a look into Kafka’s mind, his motives and messages. Outside the Kafka museum is a Cerny statue of two men peeing onto the Czech Republic. The men pee real water and their hips and genitals move. It was hilarious. However, I was more impressed with the Jan Svankmajer museum. The museum houses sculptures and art, as well as films and props from Svankmajer’s films and art galleries. There were many mythological-looking animals made of different kinds of bones and artifacts. There was even a many sided die made out of teeth. Life size puppets made of household items and brushes hung from the ceiling. It was a little creepy, but truly original.

Cerny's men peeing

On Saturday night my friends and I decided to head to a club called MeetFactory for their rollerdisco night. We took the tram to what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, and after climbing through a wall and over train tracks, we finally made it inside the club. We grabbed our skates, grabbed a drink, and made our way, awkwardly skating into a room with a stage and a bar, and dance floor turned rink. There were a bunch of people there in neon, most of them really good at skating. It took me a while and a few spills to remember how to rollerblade, but it was an absolute blast. We stayed there skating and drinking for a few hours before heading to Cross Club, a futuristic club with electronic and techno music. Appliances, wheels, and steampunk instruments moved all over the building and were lit up in neon. We didn’t stay long, but it was certainly worth it to check out.

Garrett, Paul, Sasha and I discoing

Now I’m into finals, with many papers and of course my Czech oral exam to study for. Time has flown.

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